5 Things Women Want in a Man

5 Things Women Want in a Man

Take notice guys, this is what women want.

It’s definitely not something that is mysterious. It’s actually quite simple if you think about it. A gal doesn’t want too much from a man as there are only certain qualities that she really needs. Of course, these qualities are hard to find. That is why finding a good guy takes time. No one is perfect, and we know women are not perfect (wink) either. You don’t need to be perfect in every category. You just need to be okay! Guys are more simple and women are more complicated, it is true. Women use “grocery lists of prioritized criteria that they use to determine whether or not a guy is dateable,” AskMen.com reported. Guys want someone who attractive, who is nice or who is smart. Pretty simple. Here are 5 things women want in a man that are simple to accomplish for all you guys out there.

They Want Honesty

No matter who you talk to, most women want someone that is honest. Without honesty, we have nothing to build on. If a guy wants to truly enter the world of any woman, he needs to be more direct and honest with her. American author and humorist Dave Barry said: “What women want: To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted and sometimes, just to be held.” Women don’t want to play games to figure out if you are telling the truth, just be honest with them about the relationship.

They Want to Feel Special

Women want to feel special and cherished. Sometimes it’s the little things that a guy does to make you feel good. He may compliment your smile, your hair, your kindness or just for being you. Not only does she want someone to compliment her, but she wants to know that she is being thought of. Start by leaving notes before you leave in the morning that encourage her. Make giving compliments a regular part of your communication with your lady. Show her that you are thinking of her.

They Want Romance

Every night can’t be roses and chocolates. We know that we can’t make out on a whim most of the time. We have things to do to keep the house running smoothly and have to take care of the kids blah-blah-blah. But all of the romance seems to leave once we are in a committed relationship. Date nights don’t need to end completely, fellas. “Light a few candles and see where the night leads. Treat us like your girlfriend, even after we become your wife,” Your Tango suggested.

They Want Reliability 

Women need a guy that can help them do the chores around the house and help them when they need it most. A man that is reliable, is a true treasure. He is on time and will be there when you need him. He is a guy that won’t flake out because things get bumpy in the relationship or won’t dip because you are having a personal disaster. If a chap is there for you no matter what, he is a keeper! This is why so many women keep searching for a trait like this in men because they are rare.

They Want Communication

If a relationship is going to work, you need communication for a lasting bond. Women need to communicate, it’s just ingrained in them to do so. This is why many men think they are nagging them. Men communicate mainly through sex, but communication is more than intimacy. It’s also about you opening up about your feelings. This is a taboo subject, but hear us out. When you don’t talk, many women may interpret this in a contradictory way. This may include the feeling that you are hiding something, don’t trust them with your views or don’t want to engage with them.

Women all want to be loved, cherished and thought of. They also want to be with someone who will be there for them and who will communicate with them. No one is perfect. If a guy tries to be decent–we can’t find malice in his actions if he doesn’t hit all the categories 100 percent.