8 Interesting Facts About The SRK Starrer ZERO

Hello Readers! Welcome to Freedom Media. ”Zero” The SRK starring latest trend talk. After the launch of the trailer and teaser, Zero is the sensational gossip on all lips. But still, the stars and the team have managed to hide quite a lot from media.

Zero was to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. But constantly the movie is falling into controversies. Though the team is trying hard to keep it away from media yet we have managed to get everything here for you!

Here is the list of Facts and controversies that zero is struggling with. #2 might hamper it’s release too!

8. The Guest Appearances

Okay! This is the first publicity step. The movie has got Kajol and Rani Mukherjee’s guest appearance. The stars are coming together after a while. Apart from these, they have Sridevi the lost star in the team. They also have a controversial guest appearance of Salman when Katrina is in a good movie role.

7. Date Of Release

The date of release has a good motive behind it. It was Rai and SRK who suggested 21st December. To own the love of their fans. This is a new year present to the supporting family.

6. Copyright Issues

After the trailer release, SRK shared a tweet from his handle. It said, “Ticket liye baithe hai log meri zindagi ki, tamasha bhi bda hona chahiye.” These lines are from Mithilesh Baria. Baria objected for not getting the desired credit.

5. The Monetary Game

Zero is the most expensive movie in SRK’s list. The movie has a total budget of 200 crores. The VFX expenses for the movie were alone settled at 70 crores. Some scenes of the movie are also shot in NASA.

4. Anushka’s Look

Apart from Shahrukh, Anushka is also seen with a disability in the movie. Shah took the charge of protecting her look until the trailer was out. He hired extra security and no phones were allowed on the sets.

3. To The Big Boss House

Shah Rukh Will Be entering the Big Boss house for promotion. This is the first time King Khan will get inside the house and meet the contestants. Also, He will appear twice on the show.

2. FIR against Shah Rukh

In one of the posters in the movie, SRK is carrying ‘Gatra Kirpan’. The Sikhs believe only an Amritdhari Sikh is allowed to wear this. King Khan has allegedly harmed the sentiments of the community and they registered an FIR.

1. Copied Poster

One of the film’s poster is a copy of a French movie. There are rumors that zero is the remake of the same movie. When compared, they actually have quite a similar storyline.