8 Pictures That Will Point Out The Difference Between South Korea And North Korea

8 Pictures That Will Point Out The Difference Between South Korea And North Korea

Countries like Japan and China, America and Australia, India and Pakistan are just the same but they have a difference in each of their countries whether it is their tongue slang or places but one thing is definitely sure they may look slightly same which make us confused but here we are talking about the country called Korea which has two parts – South Korea and North Korea. While both the countries sound exactly same and the people also look same but here you will see quite a difference between both the countries who are making every head turns because of their popularity and another with their discipline so let’s take a look inside.

Bus Stand In Both Countries

It is a true fact that North Korea has less infrastructure in terms of South Korea’s unique infrastructure and here we get a glimpse of that fact why South Korea and North Korea is a different country.


The world is going and growing very fast and people are bound with so many innovative technologies that it has become the fastest means of consumption but in this case, North Korea lacks in that because they have the strict policy of no internet and any use of technologies.

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Younger Generation

Well, we all know about K-pops and their music that are ruling the world but the intriguing part is all famous renown artist are mainly from South Korea and not from North Korea because of the dictator that has suppressed the youth to enjoy their life the fullest.

Car Parking

As we can see the perfect view of car parking from both the countries were South Korea have symmetrical parking whereas North Korea has only one car to park.


We can literally make out the difference between both the countries by seeing the technology of South Korea and North Korea were the trains in South looks modern whereas in North looks far from modern

Roads In Both Countries

These pretty roads of both countries look quite different were South Korea country looks more like a developed infrastructure and in North Korea, there is literally nothing to see.

Beaches In Korea

Well, in South you will see more youngsters who are enjoying their life but in North, more and more you will get to see only kids.


Well, the railways in North Korea looks underdeveloped whereas South Korea looks so equipped with modern technologies that we feel bad for North Koreans.

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