A Pakistani panelist openly urges “Kashmiris to kill Hindus” and global liberal media is busy bashing India

A Pakistani panelist openly urges “Kashmiris to kill Hindus” and global liberal media is busy bashing India

In what exposes the anti-Hindu bigotry which is the very basis of Pakistan’s national identity, Tariq Pirzada, an anti-Hindu jihadist masquerading as a journalist has openly called for genocide of Hindus. He said, “I am urging all our Kashmiri brothers to kill any Hindu who settles there. Don’t let such a Hindu live even for a second. Don’t spare them and kill instantly. They simply want to grab your land. Your condition is worse than Palestinians.” While BBC and other so called liberal foreign media outlets have run fake claiming large scale protests in Kashmir and firing by Indian security forces, which have been proven false by verified reports, these news channels have gone mum after Pirzada’s open call for a cruel genocide against Hindus.

The fanatical journalist called for the mass murder and genocide of Hindus on a live television programme on a Pakistani news channel. This is a part of the national frustration that the terrorist country has been experiencing ever since India abrogated Article 370 which granted special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Despite strenuous efforts by Pakistan’s government and Army, Jammu & Kashmir has remained peaceful and stable. This has come as a real shock to the Pakistanis who are now unable to hide their frustration and are clearly displaying their communal mindset by calling for large scale violence on national television.

Global media, including the BBC, which has been busy spreading fake news and anti-India propaganda in Kashmir after the revocation of Article 370 has given a blind eye to the blatant call for killing of Hindus. Not only that, the supposed ‘neutral’ global media has been ignoring the ethinic cleansing of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan. 

It must be noted that while Pakistani establishment struggles to soothe out the internal uproar after India’s move to abrogate Article 370 and bifurcate the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, help for the rogue nation is coming out from various media outfits in form of fake and skewed news reports. Over the past few days, a number of such fake media and news reports have been identified which have not only been spreading fake news but have also been hesitant in apologizing and removing the said reports even after conclusive evidence against them.

BBC has been called out a number of times for its skewed and controversial reporting on sensitive issues. It has been putting out such reports which are factually incorrect and overtly misleading. In a similar ‘exclusive video’ released by the BBC, it had claimed the Indian security forces had fired on protesters. However, the ground situation was totally contrary to what BBC had projected, as a matter of fact verified official reports had clearly dismissed any incident of firing and also refuted the claims of large scale protests in the region. Along with BBC, several other media organizations; Reuters, Dawn and others have also been called out for reporting fake news.

As a matter of fact, the Home Affairs also refuted reports by these organizations and said, “A news report originally published in Reuters and appeared in Dawn claims there was a protest involving 10000 people in Srinagar. This is completely fabricated & incorrect. There have been a few stray protests in Srinagar/Baramulla and none involved a crowd of more than 20 ppl.”

The sick comments by Tariq Pirzada do not really come as a surprise. He comes from a country where people are indoctrinated to hate Hindus right from their early years. This is the reason why Pakistan has eliminated almost all Hindus from its territory. The country has no real existence. It is a superficial entity which is based on blind hatred towards Hindus. Moreover, he comes from a country whose Prime Minister speaks in the language of terrorism. In fact, Pakistan PM Imran Khan had openly threatened of Pulwama like terror strikes after India abrogated Article 370. When the head of the government speaks in such language, what else can we expect of the communally brainwashed journalists.

While Tariq Pirzada is inciting Kashmiris as if he is a well wisher of the Kashmiris. However, it was Pirzada’s own countrymen who had indulged in rapes, murders and loot in the valley after Pakistani raiders had infiltrated Kashmir. Pirzada is now inciting Kashmiris to commit similar barbarity upon Hindus and these sickening calls have been totally ignored by the international media. Barbarity, violence and terrorism is the very culture of Pakistan. And Tariq Pirzada has represented that culture once again. This really captures why interaction with Pakistan at any level remains a futile exercise.

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