After renaming of Allahabad, now Shimla may be renamed as Shyamala

After renaming of Allahabad, now Shimla may be renamed as Shyamala

Some right-wing hindu groups have launched a campaign supporting the name change of capital of Himachal Pradesh, PTI reported.

The report says that another controversy will hit India soon, because ruling BJP government is considering the proposal to rename Shimla as Shyamala.

Aman Puri, a Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) functionary, said that this popular holiday destination was originally called Shyamala, but as Britishers found it difficult to pronounce , they renamed it Simla, which later became Shimla, the queen of hills.

Shimla was declared the capital of British India in 1864 during summer time. It remained that way till India got independence in 1947.

“Many cities in different parts of India were historic names, but they were changed later. That’s why I see no harm in giving the original and historic names again. If the people of Shimla want to rechristen as Shyamala, the proposal can be considered,” state health minister Vipin Singh Parmar told the media.

This campaign divided the people of Shimla. Some people are favouring the name change and some are opposing it. Below are some reactions from common people on twitter:

Harbhajan Singh Bhajji, a senior Himachal Pradesh Congress leader, questioned the intention of the BJP and it’s supporters of the name change. Bhajji strongly opposed the proposal and asked, “What is the justification (for renaming)”

Bhajji argued by saying that this is tourist hub and historical place and if you change its name, it will lose its character.

What’s wrong with the name Shimla? Will the renaming ensure development? The state government should concentrate on state development instead of indulging in such frivolous antics, he added.