Bigg Boss 12: Nomination Special, These 5 Contestants Gets Nominated For This Week
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Bigg Boss 12: Nomination Special, These 7 Contestants Gets Nominated For This Week

Temperature in Bigg Boss house is getting increased day by day. We have seen Weekend Ka Vaar where no one got evicted because of Diwali Episode. All happy club members Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana and Somi Khan were nominated last week. Happy Club members were very much happy when the host Salman Khan announced that no one is going home this week.

Today is nomination special Monday. Who are the contestants will get nominated this week.

As per the latest tweets from Bigg Boss 12 the following contestants will get nominated for eviction:

Rohit Suchanti


Shivashish Mishra


Deepak Thakur


Dipika Kakar



Jasleen Matharu

Srishty Rode

Sources close to the channel has added two names in the nomination list – Jasleen and Srishty.

The nomination task is going to be very excited where one contestant has to sacrifice for the other out of a pair.


Let’s see who will sacrifice for whom.

The most entertaining part will be when Megha Dhade and Deepak Thakur will fight like never before, Interesting part is that Megha removes her slipper (chappal) to hit Deepak.


Are you excited to see all these drama tonight at 9 PM?

Are you happy or sad for this nomination?

Please share your views.