Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar : Salman Calls Sreesanth Ridiculous, Reprimands Housemates For Homophobic Jokes
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Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar : Salman Calls Sreesanth Ridiculous, Reprimands Housemates For Homophobic Jokes

Last night, Salman Khan was seen reprimanding Sreesanth for his unacceptable behaviour and words.

This week saw a lot of spark and fights after the entry of two wild contestants Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti. For the first time in this season, captaincy task was performed with great passion. Housemates were seen boycotting Deepak Thakur and some made fun of Rohit’s sexual orientation.

The day he entered Karanvir was seen talking to Srishty, Shivashish and a few others how he swings both ways. However, the worst was when Seesanth, who is apparently had issue with Rohit’s purple shorts said,”Ekk baar pooch loon toh sahi ki purple kyun pehna hai. I just want to ask if purple is the new black.” And made fun of him assuming that he is gay and showed everyone how he would cross the road in an effeminate way.

Last night, Salman showed the clip to Rohit along with other housemates. Seeing this Rohit lost his temper and started shouting to Sreesanth. Salman also reprimanded housemates for cracking homophobic jokes.

Also, Sreesanth who was sent to the Kaal-Kothri on Friday,has been saying ill things to everyone. First he called Bigg Boss, the worst ever show and then he called Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur roadside actors, and people who pick coins from the road.

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This didn’t go well with Salman. He questioned Sreesanth for the same and made him sit on villain’s seat. Salman asked Sreesanth what makes him so arrogant (Sree Kis Baat Kaa Ghamand Hai Tumhe?) . To this, he said it is his attitude. Salman got pissed with his behaviour and called him ridiculous.

Kamaal Khan wrote a tweet on ‘Sree Kis Baat Kaa Ghamand Hai Tumhe?’

Also, Salman has informed viewers that there will be double eviction this week. The nominated contestants are Anup Jalota, Saba Khan, Surbhi Rana and Srishty Rode. Let’s see who are two will get evicted this week.

From the latest tweet from Bigg Boss 12 : Anup Jalota and Saba khan have been evicted


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