Bigg Boss Season 12: Jodi Break-up Episode 22
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Bigg Boss Season 12: Jodi Break-up Episode 22

The main two twists of this episode(22) are: Jodi break-up (all are singles now onwards) and Anupji and Shree enter the house again.

Day 28:

Main House:

Sitting in the dining table, Dipika was trying to clarify the doubt “I will make sure, kisiko khana na mile” with Urvashi. (In the sultani akhara, Surbhi blamed on Dipika that “Dipika said this is my kitchen and I will make sure kisiko khana na mile”. “What I said was I will give preference to vegetarians,” Dipika told Urvashi in a low voice. Urvashi said I heard that and it was not in the negative way. Dipika thanked Urvashi for understading. Karanvir was also there. He also agreed with Urvashi and Dipika.

Surbhi entered the kitchen at that time and Dipika said to Surbhi,”Surbhi, jab bhi aap free ho baat karne ke liye, mujhe koi issue nahi banana.” Surbhi was not ready to listen to Dipika and said,”Apne gusse me boli thi, aapki intention nahi thi. My point is main gusse mein kuch bhi bolu toh uska issue banaya jate hai.”

Dipika said that she didn’t say that. Surbhi said,” Apne exactly the same statement boli thi.” Pointing to Urvashi, Dipika said,” Yeh khud bol rahi hain,” Dipika repeated what was the exact statement she said that time”Main vegetarians ko preference dungi kyu ki unke paas anda nahi hota hai aur no-vegetarians ke paas anda hota hai.” Argument continued. Surbhi finally said since it was debate, I raised that issue because I clearly heard it and that’s why I used the statement and I didn’t know your intension behind that. “I am not that type of person who blames someone with wrong allegations,” said Surbhi.


Out House:

”Whatever she (Dipika) will say, that will not be clean 100%. There must be some game plan,” Anupji said to Shee. Shee said that Dipikaji become lonely. Aup said not only lonely, but she became doubtful character.

Main House:

Saba and Jasleen were discussing about Dipika’s behavior. Saba said that she (Dipika) is doing drama here and she is fake. Jasleen agreed to that. They were discussing about “I will make sure, kisiko khana na mile” wala doubt.


There were laughter and laugher in the house around 8 PM. Dipika and Jasleen were teasing Urvashi and Deepak for their love story. There was a moment of temporary joy in the house. Saba-Somi, Sourabh-Shivashish and Srishty also joined them.

Day 29:

“Do deewane chale mastane, apni duniya basane” song was played for Anupji and Shee. Both are going to enter the house again. Anupji understood the hint from the song and intimated Shree.

Main House:

Sourabh, Deepak and Jasleen were sitting outside. Sourabhi said Jasleen in a casual way that once he was quit muscular,said,”If you see my old photo then you won’t recognize me.” He said he used to go to “Akhara.”


Out House:

Anupji was smiling, listening to those conversations; said,”Sourabh is trying to impress Jasleen.”

Shee said to Anup,”Sourabh, show that photo to me once, not to Jasleen.” And both laughed.

Shee became emotional saying that in an interview after wining 2011 world cup, Interviewers asked questions on every cricketers except Shee. Towards the end of the interview, Sachin paji said Shee also played a major role in this victory. Shee thanked Sachin for that looking at the cameras and also said his fellow cricketers to forgive him for his misbehaviors from 2005 to 2011. He cried. Anupji tried to console him.

Main House:

Main Twist:

Bigg Boss announced break-up of jodis. Now onwards, all are singles. Not only that each jodi has to nominate one out of jodi, which was quite difficult. Urvashi(unhappily) got nominated, though Urvashi didn’t want to be. Saba got nominated with mutual understanding. They (Saba-Somi) were weeping because of breakup and nomination. Shivashish nominated himself. Since Surbhi-Romil was captain, no one got nominated but Bigg Boss asked them to choose one captain out of them. Romil took Surbhi’s name, so Surbhi is the captain for this week. Bigg Boss also asked them whether they agree with the nominations and if not, they can change that. Then they nominated Sourabh instead of Shivashish. Entire process happened in activity area. Bigg Boss called one jodi at a time.

Among the 4 singles, they have to nominate 3. Karanvir, Srishty(unhappily) and Jasleen(unhappily)  got nominated with somehow mutual understanding.

Nominated contestants are:

Karanvir, Srishty, Jasleen, Saba, Sourabh and Urvashi


Srishty said to Karanvir,”Aap toh bewakoof ho, sorry to say that. Aapne khud ko nominate kiya aur ye reason dete ho maturity ki”.

(Karanvir nominated himself saying that “Dipika mujhse 1 point jyada matured lagta hai”)


Anupji enters the house. Deepak hugged him first. Everyone is happy. He sat on a chair and everyone sat on the ground around him. He said,”Main Bigg Boss ke guest house mein tha aur aap logoko dekh raha tha.” When Deepak asked whether Anupji show mid-eviction (Shree bhaiya), Anupji said,”He was crying and said that mujhe do logo ne dhoka diya , ekk Dipika aur Sourabh.” Dipika was just looking at Anupji without a word.

In that time, Bigg Boss played the song sung by Deepak, everyone came to know that Shee is coming back. Everyone seems to be happy. He entered from the main entrance. Deepak hugged Shree first. Shree hugged Saba. Dipika was looking from litile distance. He came to Dipika, shaked hands and asked,” Kaise ho Dipikaji.” Dipika said nothing just smiled.


Dipika couldn’t control her emotions and went inside the washroom. Shee told Karanvir that it was elimination not nomination, then how Dipika took his name. Anup said,” Iss ghar me pura game Dipikaji khel rahi hai.”

All were outside; listening to Anupji and Shree, but Dipika remained inside.

Anupji said “Dipika was the sabse jyada poisonous” and “Jasleen was sabse baton me aa janewala insaan”

Anupji said to Karanvir that,”Aap Dipika ke kuch jyada hi wafadar hai aur ekk wrong message ja rahi hai. Your wife will not like it.”

On hearing that Karanvir became very emotional and went to washroom and said to camera (Wife),”I am sorry T. Agar ye message jar raha hai na bahar. Sharam ana chahiye aapne aapko.”  He sat on the bench in the washroom and started weeping.

Episode ends here.


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