There are many ways to monetize your website/blog and earn good income. Here I am listing only three best ways.

AdSense– Google AdSense is an Ad Network. Every blogger has a dream of having an approved AdSense account. You can apply for Google AdSense Account free of cost. Once Google AdSense team approves your site/blog, you can run ads in your website or blog. AdSense pays on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, so you as a publisher get paid based on how many clicks they get to their ads. The pay for each click may vary. When your AdSense account amount reaches $10 then adSense team will send you a PIN in your registered address. PIN is your Personal Identification Number. It’s your key to verifying your AdSense account so that you can receive payments. Minimum balance should be $100 in your AdSense account then only you can asked for payout. Money will be credited in your bank account in following month. Everything will be intimated through mails. The more you are having traffic on your site/blog, the more you can earn. But problem here is that AdSense has a long list of policies to approve an account. So it’s not that easy to get your account approved in first attempt, I am not discouraging anyone here. One can apply or re-apply as many times he/she wants. Don’t get frustrated if AdSense rejects your account. AdSense team will point out where you are going wrong. You just rectify that and re-apply until it is approved.

Certain points to be taken care of before applying for AdSense :

1) Contents should be unique, not copied from someone. Google can easily find out scraped content. 2) A blog must be of minimum 600 words. 3) Don’t use copyright images. 4) About, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions pages must be there. 5) No Adult or Hacking or promotional content. 6) Website/ Blog must be looking professional with proper navigation. 7) Minimum 15-20 posts. 8) Its the best time to apply after 6 months. 9) Use high level domain like .com, .in etc 10) Upload only quality contents. 11) Traffic must be 100 unique users / day minimum.12) Never use any ad networks while applying for adsense.

BuySellAds– It is an online marketplace which connects the bloggers (publishers) to the companies (advertisers). You can register for BuySellAds account for free. Getting an approval is again not that easier but not impossible. BuySellAds will sell your website/blog space to advertisers for direct ads. Publishers can set price for particular space. Once your account reaches $50, you can request a cashout and get your earnings in your bank account. All transaction will happen through BuySellAds. You as a publisher don’t have direct contact with advertisers.

Criteria for BuySellAds approval: 1) Your website must have 100,000 impressions/month. Impression is nothing but views of your website. 2) Don’t apply while site/blog is under construction. Every content should be fresh. The website must be live and finished. 3) There should not be any illegal content, porn or It shouldn’t contain any remotely “questionable” content. 4) You website shouldn’t contain countless number of ads already. 5) Get approval is a recursive process that means you can re-apply once the flaws have been rectified. 

Affiliate Market– Affiliate marketing is where one can earn commissions for promoting other people’s or company’s product.  Here I will discuss about Amazon Affiliate Program. You need to Sign Up for an account with Amazon which is free of cost. Once successfully sign up, you will become Amazon associate. You can select which product ads you want to show to users on your site/blog. Amazon will provide you short codes(HTML code) related to a particular product ad. You need to copy that code and paste Custom HTML widget added to Sidebar. If a user buys product through ad that you put on the site/blog, then you as a publisher gets referral fee from Amazon. This referral fee varies from product to product.

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