How To Remove Wordpress Copyright Text From Footer (Any Theme)

How To Remove WordPress Copyright Text From Footer (Any Theme)

In this article, we will discuss how to remove copyright text from WordPress site using “Real-Time Find and Replace” plug-in. This plug-in works for any WordPress theme. This plug-in will find out the code related to WordPress copyright text and replace it with your own copyright text. Here I am using Ultra Seven WordPress theme. So all screen shots will be from that theme only. Windows, screen shots and look and feel will be different from browser to browser. I am using Chrome here.

How to install and activate this plugin

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to” Plugins”
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Type the name of the plugin in search box.
  • Click on install then activate.
  • You will find it in the Tools section under Dashboard.

Now, We have to find out the code that generate the copyright text

  • Open your site.
  • Right click near the copyright text.
  • Click on Inspect. Inspect will give you the entire code which is responsible to design that page. 
  • On the right hand side, inspection window will open. Browser to browser this window may look different. So don’t panic. 
  • You have to find out the code for the copyright text. Look for the copyright text in footer section.
  • Copy that code. Be careful. If your copying opening tag then closing tag must be copied, otherwise you may face problem later on.
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to “Tools”
  • Click on “Real-Time Find And Replace”
  • Paste the code in Find section and Write your own copyright text in Replace section.
  • Click on “Update Settings”.

Congratulations you are done!


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I am keeping Replace section blank because my theme Ultra seven provides me another way to write my copyright text.

In some WordPress themes you can find the code for copyright in footer.php file. I will tell you the path to access this file.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to “Appearance”.
  • Click on “Editor”
  • Look at the right hand side of the window, you will see Theme Files section.
  • Click on Theme Footer (footer.php). This file is responsible for designing the footer section of your website. Find out the copyright text.
  • Replace that copyright text with your own copyright text. Be careful here.If you know little bit if coding then go for it otherwise ask some expert to do it for you.
  • Click on “Update File”.

You must have little bit of technical knowledge like HTML tags and PHP tags.

If you have tried both the methods, still you are unable to remove the copyright text, and then write your issue in the comments. I have tried many plugin to remove the credit but some plugins don’t work properly with some theme.So don’t get frustrated. Use “Real-Time Find and Replace” plugin to give your own copyright to your website/blog for sure.

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