Komolika Vs Komolika: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2
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Komolika Vs Komolika: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2

In her first entry in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Hina Khan, playing the role of Komolika, wins the fans’ hearts. But in social media, fight begins on which one is better-new or old Komolika. People have diverse opinions. Someone tweeted “Old is Gold” and someone says “Hina is looking so hot and beautiful”.

Entry of new Komolika: Ekta Kapoor wrote: “Bihar ka bewagpan aur bengal ki adaa ….”. Hina Khan looks ravishing in the promo. First look of Hina Khan is too hot to handle.


It has been 3 weeks for reboot of Kasautii Zindagii Kay and finally nikaaa Komolika entered the show. Hina Khan in the role Komolika looks “Bindaas”. The viewers loved her “Bindaas Andaz”. Her version of Komolika is quite different from previous one. How she attracted the attentions of all the people in the market when she got down from the car in her first entry. She looked stunning with washboard abs in black-and-silver lehenga and backless choli in the role of Komolika. With the entry of new look of Komolika, fight begins on social media. Someone likes the looks of new Komolika and someone says Urvashi Dholakia was better. Undoubtly, Urvashi Dholakia was quite successful as a Komolika that time. She gave a iconic value to the character.


We have observed 3 major differences between new version and old version of Komolika.

First entry:

The entry into the show in both the versions is same (Komolika gets down from the car in the market in style)

Only difference was Urvashi Dholakia entered into the show in blue saree and hair was tied and Hina Khan wore black-and-silver lehenga and backless choli. She kept her hair open and is looking like quintessential vamp of Hindi TV shows.



There are huge differences in terms fashion between present time and 17 years back in 2001.

Urvashi Dholakia used blue bindi with matching blue saree and wore lot of bangles. Urvashi Dholakia used bindis as trademark accessory. She didn’t wear nose ring. As a whole, she was seen in traditional looks.

Hina Khan as Komolika wore legenga choli. She wore “kangan”, big nose ring and huge ear ring. She added more sexiness to her look with the junk jewellery and beach waves. Here is the first look of new Komolika. Her fashion statement will be her earrings.

Age difference:

Urvashi Dholakia was 22 years old 17 years back in 2001, when she played the role of Komolika. In 2018, Hina Khan is 32, playing the same vamp role. Previous one was 9 years younger than new Komolika. But, because of traditional looks in saree, previous Komolika looked aged and matured. Hina Khan looks younger than previous Komolika because of the fashion. Hina Khan’s style is very classy.

Hina Khan also thanked the viewers:

Let’s see what newness Hina Khan brings to the character, whether she can revive that iconic character.


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