Megha Sharma's Real Videos And Building's CCTV Footage
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Megha Sharma’s Real Videos And Building’s CCTV Footage

All of you have definitely seen a number of videos where a young woman was fighting with a security guard at a posh building in Mumbai’s Lokhandwala area, screaming and arguing with police and then, stripped down to her underwear.

These entire drams happened at lobby of an apartment building in a posh Mumbai locality last week. Videos which are available on social media and the building’s CCTV footage show the girl hitting the security guard and shouting at Mumbai police officers and angrily disrobing her cloths.

Whose fault it was is unclear and what exactly happened is also unclear as well. We have tried to put here whatever is seen in the videos. You can watch the video by clicking the link.

Another Video of Ultra #Feminism & Undue advantage of #MeToo Fever exposed again !!A Drunk wannabe Model & Actress from Mumbai #MeghaSharma, Slapped & Thrashed her Buildings Watchman at late night for not getting her Cigarettes from the near by shop, and when da other Society Members confronted her for the Assault on the Poor Watchman, She cunningly turned the whole incident into a "Men Assaulted Me Drama" & #MeToo Bullshit Story !! Hope #Oshiwara #Police Arrests her immediately & the Court locks her up soon, Her Punishment shud be made a Good Example & Lesson for other Women to learn & Not Follow !!Incident Report – Sharma – Sharma –

Posted by Arya Acharya on Sunday, October 28, 2018

The lobby’s CCTV footage shows that there were a physical fight between the security guard and the young girl in question, who is identified as Megha Sharma and She is a model. Megha approaches the security desk and slaps the security guard then the security guard gets up and shoves her away. Megha then pulls up her phone and taps multiple times on the screen. What she was doing is not clear.

Another video of Model Megha Sharma where she can be clearly seen assaulting the guard first. This woman has got the guard arrested on charges of molestation now. This is just so sick. Unbelievable. A woman is allowed to assault others then strip to play victim. Society supports her no matter what she does.Courtesy: @News24TvChannel on Twitter

Posted by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Sunday, October 28, 2018

She then once again approaches the security’ desk and both gets in to a physical fight again. She is seen hitting and slapping the guard and the guard is seen dragging and pushing her. Both move to the building’s entrance/exit. Suddenly, she turns around and picks up her wallet, which had fallen to the ground during the fight and gestures as though she is going to hit the guard with it. The guard unsuccessfully tries to take off one of shoes. Both continues fighting and go out of the building.

Then, three men were seen in the footage. One man was trying to intervene the fight.

From the video uploaded by Meghai itself, she is seen standing inside a building’s elevator and the Mumbai cops and a security guard standing outside the elevator. She is seen scared and screaming and shouting at police men and security guard.

She narrated what happened exactly, on social media along with the video: She called the Mumbai police’s 100 helpline number to seek help following the fight after midnight. The police men came and asked her to accompany them to the back to the police station. She refused to do so because there was no female constable present on the scene.

Video shows police officers forcing to accompany her and she is seen saying repeatedly that she will visit police station tomorrow day-time. She is also repeatedly pleading that she be allowed to go back to her flat. The guard and police men are seen stopping the elevator’s door from closing, so that she can’t go back to her flat.

“Aap kyun rok rahe ho mujhe,” Megha screams and she gets into an argument with the man who was shooting the video. The undefined man is seen supporting the police men also. Sharma then completely breaks down and starts crying. After that Megha is seen stripped down to her underwear and this video shows several people of the building in the background.

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Posted by Arya Acharya on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Posted by Arya Acharya on Monday, October 29, 2018

It is unclear what exactly happened at the Mumbai building last week. Megha first shared a twitter post of the incident on October 26. Then she shared the video on Facebook on October 28.

Watch her Interview with ANI:

According to the sources, currently no case has been registered in the matter, but statements of Megha and the security guard had been taken.