#MeToo: Music Composer Anu Malik Has Heen Kicked Out Of India Idol 10 Show
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#MeToo: Music Composer Anu Malik Has Heen Kicked Out Of Indian Idol 10 Show

As the #MeToo movement has got momentum, new names have been getting added on daily basis. This time this wave hit Anu Malik also, when four women including singers Sona Mohapatra and Sweta Pandit accused him of sexual harassment. According to the reports, Anu Malik has been asked to step down as Indian Idol 10 judge and will not be shooting for the show anymore.

Sona Mahapatra

Danica D’Souza, who was former producer of India Idol, revealed that channel StarPlus was aware of his unusual behavior with women. She has revealed that she knows two more women who have similar experience with Malik, when she worked in Indian Idol 5.

Sweta Pandit

Danica spoke to Mid-Day and said,” One of colleagues from the production crew had a nightmarish experience with Anu Malik. She was travelling with a cameraman and Anu Malik in a car to sound bites. Once they had wrapped up their work, Anu Malik touched her thigh in the car, and felt her up. She was taken aback. The cameraman who was sitting in the front seat was not aware of what was going in the back seat. When she returned, she looked traumatized and to the ordeal to me.”

Danica, who is currently staying in New York, also revealed that Anu Malik showed extra-friendliness with female crew members on the set and he casually put his hand around them or pulled them towards him. She also said that the channel and makers know his unacceptable behavior with women, but what kept them mum I did not know.

According to a source closed to the channel StarPlus, the music composer Anu Malik has been asked to step down as judge in Indian Idol 10. After Anu Malik exits Indian Idol, Composers Salim-Sulaiman could be first guest judges, according to the source.

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In the midst of allegations from several women, Singer Alisha Chinai told a daily,” Every word said and written about Anu Malik is true. I stand by all the women who have finally spoken up. May they find peace and closure in their lives.”

Alisha Chinai

Back in 1996, Anu Malik sexually harassed Alisha Chinai and she had dragged Anu Malik to court for that. She demanded Rs. 26 lakh from him. After that Anu Malik also filed a defamation case of Rs 2 crore on her. The case was settled after a few years. She also said that Anu Malik repeatedly begged her forgiveness, and then she forgave him and moved on. They even restored friendliness and judged Indian Idol together.

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