Russia: The Most Powerful Nation and 10 Interesting Things

Russia: The Most Powerful Nation and 10 Interesting Things

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Freedom Media. Russia is described by many names, it is also said to be a winner, a mother, a fighter and a force, it is a land wrapped in a mystery. Russia has always proved its worth in one way or the other, so today we’ll discuss about 10 interesting things about the most powerful nation, Russia.

So here are some interesting facts about Russia that will amaze you!

10) According to the area, Russia is the largest country in the world. It is spread over an area of 17 million sq km which is approx. 6.6 million sq miles. It covers 1/9 of Earth’s terrestrial area.

9) The Trans-Siberian is the world’s longest railway and is in Russia. It departs from Moscow (west) to Vladivostok (east), this covers 9,200 km and 152 hours.

8) Russia lies in Asia and Europe both. Russia’s three quarter is in Asia and one quarter in Europe and around 22% of its population lives in Asia.

7) Russia’s capital Moscow is the home of billionaires and most of them reside here only as compared to another city. Around 69 billionaires reside in Moscow (rank 4th) and New York is at rank 1st with 103 billionaires in 2018.

6) World’s fourth biggest drinkers are Russians only and this is the main reason why 1 out of 6 men die of alcohol-related problems.

5) In Russia until 2011, people considered that anything which has less than 105 of alcohol in it is a food material and non-alcoholic.

4) Russia has the most number of time zones and no other country has more time zones than it. Russia has over 11 time zones but by 2010 they declared that it has only 9 time zones now.

3) Lake Baikal of Russia is the deepest lake in the world and the most amazing part is that 20%of the world’s unfrozen fresh water is in Lake Baikal.

2) The coolest inhabited place on entire Earth is Oymyakon and Russia is its home and the temperature there falls up to -67.8 degree Celsius.

1) Lake Karachay is found in Russia and it is one of the deadliest lakes in the world as it is a dumping ground of nuclear waste and it is so radioactive that even if you stand beside that lake for an hour or so, you will die for sure.

The most amazing fact is its Long Maternity Leave: Official maternity leave in Russia may last three years. It helps pregnant women calmly prepare for the birth of their babies; usually future mothers stop working in the seven month of pregnancy. Many women return to work when the child is one year or 18 months old. They are paid a part of their salaries until their child turns one-and-a-half year. But there are also those who prefer not to disrupt their careers and return to the office just a few months after giving birth.