Struggling Food Stand Increased Sales To 4 Times After Hiring This Worker

When it comes to increasing the sales of a business, one must have multiple methods that to beat the competition. A meat shop in Taiwan has done that in a very smart way and that is by hiring a beautiful model who is popular on social media.

The owners of the meat snack stall in Beitun District, Taichung City Taiwan invited Vivi, aka Little Peach, to work as their shop manager for one day to see if she could help in drawing more customers to the stand. The response that they received was surprising to them. The number of meat snacks they sold with the addition of Vivi was 4 times more than their usual sales.

She helped in taking orders, selling meat, and engaging customers. With her beautiful looks and her ability to connect with customers, Vivi made the owners to see a long queue of customers who were waiting to try the tasty meats.
Vivi took to social media and shared the photos of her “new job.” which went viral very quickly and her fans are praising this act with amazing comments. Vivi has given the reason that she wanted to have a relaxing time from modeling so she decided to say yes to this offer.

People will say that its all because of her excellent looks, very short-shorts, but we can’t deny the fact that her sense of how to react in such a situation would have also helped her. Interestingly, not only men but many ladies also visited to buy snacks from this stall.
Whether people see it as positive or negative but the stall owners have definitely taught a lesson to their competitors that one can’t just sit still and wait for the customers to come but something new should be done attract people towards any business.