This Person Has 2,224 Cars Registered In His Name
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This Person Has 2,224 Cars Registered In His Name

Yes, that is correct figure. You read it correct. A total of two thousand two hundred twenty four cars are registered in the name of a retired judge in Pakistan.

How many cars are registered in your name? One, two, five or ten? Hold on. You may not believe it. But it is true as of now.

Pakistani authorities have found that a retired judge has a total of 2,224 cars registered in his name.The judge is identified as Sikandar Hayat.

Interestingly, his counsel, Mian Zafar, has informedthe Pakistan Supreme Court that Mr. Hayat has only one car registered in her name.

So, what about the remaining 2,223 cars?

According to the report in The Dawn, Zafar has said that the Mr. Hayat has a many as 2,224 cars registered in his name.

The lawyer has claimed that a few days ago, Mr. Hayat received a challan for a car that was not owned by him. After this, he informed the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department about the matter.

But what surfaced from the department’s records was that Mr. Hayat is the registered owner of total 2,224 cars.

The Pakistan Supreme Court has now directed the department’s secretary and director to file a report in the matter within a week’s time.