Who Is Sole Responsible For Amritsar Train Accident ?
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Who Is Sole Responsible For Amritsar Train Accident ?

Who are responsible for this tragic accident?

No doubt, this is the most tragic and terrified incident of the year till now. The video footage was really horrible to watch second time.


The exact number of people died is not known yet. The causality is not known yet. I am sure no compensatory amount no matter how big it is, to the family can console the hearts of families of the deceased. Whatever happened can’t be undone. But the point here is whose intentional or unintentional mistakes led to such a tragic mishap.

I am sure it is too early to get a proper answer on this. Twitter is full of anger or condolence tweets. Someone is blaming on Railway Ministry for this, which is not fare that what I feel. Someone blame is demanding the Railway Minister’s resignation. We will definitely witness some political blame game here. Opposition got a strong point here. Someone is blaming on those who don’t have understanding of basic safety, which is absolutely right. Center and Railway Ministry are targeting the local administration.




















The PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan also tweeted on this.



As per the driver of the train, he got green signal on the track. Most interestingly some media are highlighting the fact that due to the late arrival of chief guest Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of Navjot Singh Sidhu. The Ravan Dehan was supposed to happen at 6 pm and because of the delay, it started at 7 pm. Navjot Singh Sidhu accepts that the accident was because of negligence. But the question is whose negligence it was? Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh had ordered an inquiry into how a Dussehra celebration was being held next to a railway crossing. Is it the first time this celebration was held there? No one has noticed it before.

Question remains, who is responsible for this sad incident:

  • Management team of the program.
  • Local Administration.
  • Railway department and train driver.
  • State Government.
  • Central Government.
  • People who were standing on the track.

Obviously, it will be unfair to blame any government. It is sad outcome of our own negligence. Please share your opinion.

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