Yami Gautam called disrespectful for rejecting fan’s gamosa in Guwahati, says ‘my reaction was simply self defense’
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Yami Gautam called disrespectful for rejecting fan’s gamosa in Guwahati, says ‘my reaction was simply self defense’

Yami Gautam has reacted to being called disrespectful for rejecting an overeager fan’s gamosa at the Guwahati airport.

Actor Yami Gautam has shared a clarification on being called disrespectful for rejecting an Assamese fan’s offering. She has said that while she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments, it’s also important to raise voice against inappropriate behaviour.

Yami was at the Guwahati airport this weekend when a fan tried to put a gamosa (an Assamese scarf) around her neck, without her permission. She pushed his hand away and her assistants also told the man to back off.

On Sunday, an Assamese Twitter page expressed hurt over Yami’s ‘disrespectful’ behaviour. “Bollywood actress @yamigautam has disrespected Assamese pride Gamosa at Guwahati airport. She rejected the Gamosa when a fan of her was trying to greet her,” the tweet read.

Yami replied to the same, saying, “My reaction was simply self defense. As a woman,if I am uncomfortable with anyone getting too close to me, I or any other girl has every right to express it. I dint’ intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments but it’s very important to voice out a behavior, inappropriate in any manner.”

Yami found support in her fans who thought what she did was right. “Yami , What you did was normal and should b done since nobody has right to cross the limit of overindulgence,” read a reply to her tweet. “What is wrong in this, what did she do wrong..she only tried to defend her…this man was trying to go close to her without her permission,” wrote another fan.

Some, however, still believed Yami could have accepted the offering. “At least u should hv taken it in ur hand as a mark of respect instead of rejecting it so abruptly. It’s high time u people start respecting sentiments of others. You would have landed in bussines class but tat fan of urs would hv travelled in sunlight frm a far off place,” read a tweet. “He was carrying gamosa mam not any other dangerous thing which can hurt you. You may can also give respect by accepting his gamosa after your ‘self defence’,” read another tweet.

Yami also shared a tweet about visiting Assam and the hospitality of its people. “This is my third visit to Assam.I have always expressed my love towards Assamese culture & people. It’s insensitive to react to a single-sided story & spread hate. I am present here, in this beautiful state for an important event & shall always keep coming back. Peace & Respect,” she wrote.

Yami was last seen in Bala with Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar. Her performance in the film was appreciated by fans and critics alike.